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Rooymans Mercantile does custom apparel and promotional products.

Drollis Safety Supply

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Originally established in 1980 as a Glove Specialist supplier, Drollis has since evolved into a complete head-to-toe Personal Protective Equipment supplier; we also branch into emergency equipment, industrial supplies, and more.


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Firewipes® is committed to providing the highest level of quality products that are specifically formulated and designed to aid in the removal of potential carcinogenic contaminants from exposure to hazardous environments. We intend to be the premier supplier for personal cleansing products for those operating in said environments.

Traction Up

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Traction Up is a proprietary nano-spike technology coating that enhances grip and prevents slips on any type of wet or slick surface.

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Led by Metro-Atlanta firefighter Mark Sullivan, Toxic Suppression is a movement aimed to educate the masses about the danger of long term exposure to working fires. Due to the numerous new materials found in residential and commercial fires, fire rescue teams are being exposed to more cancer causing toxins than ever before. After losing 3 friends to cancer, Mark decided enough was enough. “Cancer is dangerous enough without toxin exposure helping it. It’s time to educate and take action.” Join the Toxic Suppression movement by staying informed about the unseen dangers of firefighting, and help us kick cancer’s ass.


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DoorJamm is a convenient tool for first responders to prevent doors and gates from closing behind them. This valuable tool is light, flexible, fits in almost any pocket, and deploys in seconds. It is inexpensive and stretches to fit most types of doors and gates. Plus, it’s weatherproof, resists abrasion and stretches long enough to fit around almost any security door. Make a small investment for your safety on a reusable tool that saves precious time when seconds count…. Stop looking for things to block open a door! You don’t need to rely on stuffing an FI card or a business card into the lock. You don’t need to look for a trash can, a rug, or a brick anymore. You don’t need to put strips of duct tape on your flash light. No more improvising with scraps of cardboard and rubber bands.

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Public Sports & Workwear is known by its customers as the no 1.We are ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified Company. No1 global private-label safety glove manufacturer in the world.For over 30 years, hundreds of globally renowned PPE safety brands have been relying on Public Sports & Workwear as a credible OEM of industrial safety gloves. Our vast range of products makes us the only super market of gloves, committed to offering consistent quality and innovative solutions to our customers across 50 countries.Our customers know that their business can progress and thrive safely when they work with us. This is demonstrated every day through exceptional customer service, high quality product manufacturing and industry knowledge.


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Since our conception Cestus has been providing top-quality hand protection for a variety of industries, thanks to over 30 years of experience in gloves and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by our management team.

After re-defining impact hand protection in the oil and gas industry with our Deep Grip, Cestus has been making waves in multiple other job fields including mining, welding, extrication, general utility, and more. While our glove offering is ever-growing, our passion for providing ergonomic, comfortable gloves that don’t sacrifice fit or functionality is unwavering.

Scaff's 343 Fire

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343Fire manufactures quality fire, rescue and EMS products.

Rhyno Windshield Cutter

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Other glass tools may remove laminated glass, but they potentially sacrifice patient safety and precious time.

The RHYNO Windshield Cutter™ is a unique, battery powered hand tool utilized to safely and rapidly cut laminated glass in motor vehicles.


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Horizon began with a family and remains rooted in Kitchener ON. Supported by its solid foundation, Horizon Furniture has experienced consistent remarkable growth in Canada since its inception in 1988. Key to this growth are our dedicated employees and valued partners who have played an important role in the evolution and advancement of our company.

Horizon Furniture’s mission is to offer a complete line of office seating and ergonomic computer accessories that reflect perfectly – functionally and aesthetically – the personality, spirit and image of our clients.

Epoch Lacrosse

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Epoch delivers the finest manufactured lacrosse equipment designed to increase playability and maximize performance by utilizing world class materials and techniques. Developed in collaboration with True Temper Sports, all Epoch Lacrosse shafts are made from the highest grade materials available – period!

Northern Star Fire

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Firefighter orientation device.


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Untouched for decades, the jock strap remains an outdated relic of the past. Newer products such as compression shorts are uncomfortable and restrictive. The Jockster gives men a revolutionary new option. The Jockster is one piece, one waistband. It has the functional components to stay put and provide exceptional support during exercise, competition or everyday use.