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Ember Suds Detox Soap is designed to assist in the removal of soot, smoke, and carcinogens that are found in fires. Ember Suds is an all natural bar that contains a fine layer of pumice for scrubbing of the skin. Each bar contains over 1 full gram of charcoal to assist in the absorption of toxins, this is much higher than traditionally found in soaps. Ember Suds not only smells great but also contains a softening agent to help the skin stay healthy and assist in daily defense against harmful elements. Each bar will last approximately 25 uses.

Ember Suds is an all natural product and does not contain any lyes are chemicals.

Ember Suds DOES NOT prevent cancer, it DOES NOT cure cancer, nor does it claim to have any of these abilities. It is simply another line of defense for your health to combat what has become a huge problem in the fire service. If you don’t use this then that is totally cool but please use something to help combat your risk!! Risk is inevitable in our line of work, how much we fight it is up to us. Take care of yourself, we are not invincible.


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